The Asman Project is a global online platform whose purpose is building people-to-people contacts among scientists, researchers, students and investors involved in projects oriented toward moderating human impact on the environment.

The Asman Project site will also serve as a clearinghouse for gathering and disseminating up-to-date information and the latest scientific developments in environmental research and stewardship.


Man of the 21st century has enormous power. Often, however, he lacks wisdom how to handle it. So the power changes to power which destroys the environment in which people live. Therefore, we support projects that want to prevent irreversible environmental interventions, protecting rainforests or life in the oceans, and seeking the restoration of the natural resources.


We believe that the purpose of technology is to explore the potential of the Earth, and benefit all life forms that we find in it. We want to make the development of new technologies effective enough to accelerate their journey from research laboratories into everyday practice. And we do not distinguish between whether it is a new method of recycling, finding alternative sources of energy or more accessible devices for scientific and medical purposes.


Evolution, shortly said, is replacement of old kinds by developmentally advanced. Man has disrupted this natural course by his excessive and ever-increasing needs. Many animal and plant species disappeared before the new ones developed. This motivates us to seek and support projects that aim to stabilize the situation, to protect existing life forms, explore new species, develop new technologies, materials and energy sources.


Many people on the planet don't know that their behaviour is devastating for the environment. Every day and to the extent that is self-destructive to humanity. We want to change their world view, their attitude and actions so that they are consistent with the idea of sustainable development. This is the purpose of the following educational projects.


At the beginning of each project is an investment. It may take the form of hundreds of hours of volunteer work, finances from stable partner, but also the multitude of small donors (crowdfunding). We want to connect people whose wealth is in thinking, ideas and projects with those who can and want to support financially - within company responsible approach (CSR) or even purely out of personal enthusiasm for modern technology. We believe that the strength of this connection will change life on the Earth for the better.


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